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This website is administered by NuFlare Technology (the Company) and its affiliates. Use of this website implies acceptance of the use conditions by the user.
These use conditions are subject to change. Please confirm that the conditions are the most recent. This website may link to sites managed by our affiliates and use of each website is based on the user's consent to the respective use conditions applying to each.

Exclusion of liability

This Company and its affiliates offer no guarantee relating to the content of this website, which may be changed or removed without notice.
Also, the Company and its affiliates offer no guarantees whatsoever relating to the functions or security of this website, and the administration of this website may be stopped or discontinued without notice. This Company and its affiliates shall bear no liability for any error, change, or deletion in the content of this website, any problem arising from this website, or any loss or damage arising from the stoppage or discontinuance of the administration of this website, regardless of the reason.

Intellectual property rights

Any rights relating to a trade name, brand, or emblem used on this website and belonging to this company, affiliates of this Company, or other companies are protected by the Japanese Trademark Law, the Unfair Competition Prevention Law and other legislation. These trade names, brands, or emblems may not be used without the permission of the Company, its affiliates, or other companies.

To customers using the NuFlare Technology website

The website administered by NuFlare Technology, Inc. and affiliates supplies customers with product and service information and technical data ("materials") as well as the text, charts, graphics, images, and music, etc., representing these materials and their assemblage ("contents"). Unless otherwise specially stipulated, the Company and its affiliates own the copyright to these materials and contents.
These materials and contents are protected by The Copyright Law and other legislation. Customers may use these materials and contents only under the following conditions.

  1. Customers can use, copy, and download for nonprofit purposes where such use is to be internal only.
  2. When customers copy or download these materials and contents, they must also append the copyright warning and use conditions.
  3. Customers may not alter, distribute, publicly transmit, or screen these materials or contents.

The Company and its affiliates will not license to customers any copyright, patent rights, trademark rights, design rights, or other intellectual property rights relating to these materials and contents, and cannot guarantee the content of these materials and contents in any way whatsoever. If these materials and contents contain any separate provisions, the applicable copyright warning and use conditions must be strictly observed.

Customer proposals

Any product, technology, manufacturing/sales method, design, or other proposal received from a customer cannot be accepted by the Company unless the Company has specifically asked for the proposal, or if the proposal is a "proposal to be considered" as described below. We ask for customers' understanding in respect of this policy. If, despite the above request, a proposal is submitted by a customer, the Company bears no duty of confidentiality or obligation to consider in respect of any such proposal that is not a "proposal to be considered" from a customer.

"Proposals to be considered"

  1. Patents, designs, and trademarks registered with the Japan Patent Office.
  2. Utility model registrations registered with the Japan Patent Office and bearing the Examiner's technical opinion as to their registrability, and where that opinion moreover is deemed to be: "6. Particularly related reference papers cannot be found."

Governing law and courts of jurisdiction

Unless otherwise stipulated, the use of this website and the application of its use conditions shall be in accordance with the laws of Japan.
Unless otherwise stipulated, all disputes relating to this website shall be subject to the ruling of the Tokyo District Court as the first court of exclusive competency.

Export controls

When exporting any technology or program obtained, or product purchased, from this website (includes taking such technology, program, or product overseas or disclosing same to a non resident within Japan), please observe the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law and the U.S. Export Administration Act.

Link sites

The administration of third party websites not related to this Company but linked from or to this website (known as "third party link sites") is the responsibility of the companies, etc., administering those sites. The fact of a link to this website does not imply that this Company has any special relationship with the company, etc., administering the third party link site or that this Company recommends the content of the third party link site.
This Company bears no liability whatsoever for the content or use of third party link sites.
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