HT2000FD 8” single-wafer Epitaxial Reactor

HT2000FD Single Wafer Epitaxial Reactor

HT2000FD can deposit high quality epitaxial films at a low cost, contributing in improved performance and cost reduction of power devices. HT2000FD is an innovative, highly efficient and energy-saving epitaxial reactor capable of depositing films with a thickness of several micrometers to more than 150 µm continuously at a high speed by means of a vertical gas flow and high-speed wafer rotation.

Realize high-speed growth of ultra-thick epi film.

The reactor realized 8.5µm/min. of high-speed growth and less than ±1% of thickness uniformity simultaneously for 170µm of ultra-thick film.

High-speed growth of ultra-thick epi film.


  • High productivity

    • Continuous growth of more than 150µm of thick film.
    • High-speed growth of more than 8µm/min.
  • Energy-saving

    • Low power consumption of 120 kVA or less.
  • Highly efficient

    • 20 to 30% of high gas conversion rate.
    • Very small amount of by-products
  • High quality

    • With a 150µm of film thickness
    • ±1.5% or less of thickness uniformity
    • ±3.0% or less of resistivity uniformity
  • Robot Wafer Handling

    • Cassette to Cassette operation