Labor Practices - Stable Employment, Fair Evaluation, and Human Resource Development

Basic Policy on Human Resources

The basic personnel system policies of NuFlare Technology are to create worthwhile workplaces through developing the abilities of employees, cultivating human resources, and evaluating and treating them in a fair manner, and to develop human resources who are able to realize the “Vision of NuFlare Technology” by introducing a merit- and performance-based personnel system.

Stable Employment

For any enterprise, sustainable growth is required in order to ensure stable employment and continuous human resources development. With this in mind, each and every employee should realize the vision of NuFlare Technology and contribute to sound and sustainable development of NuFlare Technology, which will lead to stable employment. We offer a wide range of employment opportunities for new graduates and mid-career recruits.

Policies for Fair Evaluation and Remuneration

NuFlare Technology aims to improve corporate performance and reform our corporate culture into one full of the energy and creativity, by developing the abilities of human resources and putting them to effective use through fair performance and competency evaluation.

  • 1) Clarify the grounds for evaluation, accurately evaluate the performance and competence of employees based on facts, and provide remuneration accordingly.
  • 2) Clearly define the abilities required to achieve results and standards for evaluating specific work actions, and we shall make effective use of such evaluation from the perspectives of competence development and human resource development.
  • 3) Adopt an evaluation system that takes into account processes and point-addition scoring in order to increase work motivation.

NuFlare Technology bestows commendations upon employees who have achieved distinguished performance and exhibited excellence in their work. A commendation ceremony is held every year on NuFlare Technology’s foundation day to present job and safety performance awards to such employees. In August 2018, NuFlare Technology established a General Manager’s Award system to enable timely recognition of employees who have demonstrated meritorious service in their daily activities and work, thereby creating another opportunity to raise the motivation and morale of employees.

NuFlare Technology values the opinions of its employees and promotes cooperation and exchanges among them toward creation of a good working environment. In order to resolve various workplace issues, we formulate and develop improvement policies reflecting the opinions of our employees through labor-management meetings and other opportunities. In 2015, The actions taken along with the relocation of the Numazu operation, which has been carried out in phases since 2013, include: 1) modification of various systems, including improvement and revision of the flexitime system; 2) employee questionnaire on changes in the working environment and issues related to the relocation.

We hold a company-wide softball tournament once a year to strengthen communication among employees. In order to cultivate closer ties among employees, we also offer assistance for employees’ club activities.

Employee questionnaire

Employee questionnaire

The Softball Tournament

Human Resource Development

Enhancement of human resources is the key to NuFlare Technology’s business development. It is an important part of the mid-term plan, and these enhancement efforts are moving steadily forward. We focus especially on the response to rules and systems and on improving training programs. The Human Resources Development Committee, chaired by the president, holds regular meetings to formulate policies and check the efficacy of human resource development systems and training programs. Moreover, employees are transferred to different departments to promote professional growth through broadened perspective and experience. These steady efforts bring vitality to the organization. In the field of engineering, we have established positions for those with expertise in a particular area of engineering (e.g., Ttechnology Eexperts and Ssenior Ttechnology Eexperts) as part of our efforts to further enhance the human resource development system.

Training System

In addition to on-the-job training (OJT, development of capabilities through work experience) in each workplace, NuFlare Technology provides employees with a wide range of educational opportunities on a company-wide basis, including training according to position and specialty. We have a system in place to develop training programs. Before and after a training session, we examine the educational curriculum closely together with the person responsible in the human resources development department, a representative from the department attending the program, and the lecturer. We also receive feedback from the trainees. This helps to establish an effective educational curriculum designed specifically to address field needs and management issues and train our employees effectively.

Human Resources Training System

Human Resources Training System

A training session

A Training Session

Training category Outline
Training and development based on level of responsibility A compulsory program must be completed by all employees at the time they join us and each time they are promoted or assigned to a managerial position. This program allows participants to acquire the skills and knowledge that are required for their new roles and responsibilities. We also offer mid-career employment training for the realization of diverse forms of employment.
Job-type based training and development This type of training aims to equip employees, based on their career stages, with knowledge and skills required for different job functions.
Risk & compliance training This training is provided to educate employees on risks and compliance essential for business operations. Topics include Standards of Conduct, Protection of Personal information, the Subcontract Act, export control, the Environment, Intellectual Property, and Information Security.
Training for management talents This training program is based on selection that aims to develop future leadership candidates for NuFlare Technology.

Technical School

NuFlare Technology is committed to personnel development to improve employees’ technical skills and expertise. New employees hired for specialty work attend a residential technical school for one year (Toshiba Technical School). The objectives of Toshiba Technical School are: 1) acquiring skilled personnel, 2) maintaining and passing on core and fundamental skills to the next generation, 3) providing personality-building experiences to develop manufacturing leaders. Its focus is on the development of personnel who will serve as a core for monozukuri (art, science and craft of making things) and enhancing Japan’s monozukuri capability which is essential for globalization of production. Toshiba Technical School strongly supports the monozukuri capability of Toshiba Group by providing not only basic training programs for new employees but also immersion classes for applicants for National Skill Competitions.

TOPICS ≪Adoption of Mentoring System≫

NuFlare Technology offers its own training program that runs for several months for new employees. During the program, the new employees work in all areas of the business and acquire a thorough grounding in the basics of technology and monozukuri (manufacturing). Besides this program, we offer a mentoring system to help new employees adjust to new workplaces, demonstrate their capabilities to the full as early as possible, and improve their capabilities. A mentor is a trusted counselor of a mentee who supports him/her in day-to-day work and living through appropriate communication (reporting, contacting, and consultation) and a handwritten weekly report. The mentoring system helps train new employees while raising the motivation of mentors to develop capable human resources. The system brings different generations together as mentors and mentees who learn from each other.