Labor Practices - Respect for Diversity

Respect for Diversity

In accordance with its corporate principles and the “NuFlare Technology Standards of Conduct,” NuFlare Technology,Inc(“NuFlare Technology”) respects diverse values and individuality and seeks to make effective use of diverse human resources while developing globally-minded human resources who show respect for differences and individuality.

Promoting Diversity

  • NuFlare Technology shall:
  • 1) Accept the different values of individuals and respect differences in character and personality based on a fundamental respect for human rights.
  • 2) Based on respect for human values, we accept and accommodate different values, and respect the character and personality of each individual, observe the right to privacy and human rights of each individual, avoid any discriminatory actions based on race, religion, sex, national origin, physical disability, age or sexual orientation, and avoid physical abuse, sexual harassment, abuse of power or any discriminatory actions based on pregnancy, childbirth, childcare leave or violation of the human rights of others
  • 3) Realize employees' work/life balance through various ways of working so that they can maximize their capabilities to the fullest extent.

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Ensuring Diversity of Human Resources

NuFlare Technology has support programs for employees, including a childcare and family care leave system, a childbirth leave system for prospective fathers, and a reduced work hour system. In 2018, NuFlare Technology extended its maximum period for childbirth leave for prospective fathers. In 2017, one female employee took childcare leave; 12 male employees took childbirth leave for prospective fathers; and five employees chose reduced work hours. In addition, in order to support female employees with childcare responsibilities and their career development, NuFlare Technology has on-site day care centers at workplaces, which are available to families in which at least one of the parents is working at NuFlare Technology. As of March 31, 2018, the proportion of executives in female employees exceeds 17%. As of April 1, 2018, NuFlare Technology had with disabilities, accounting for 2.20% of the overall workforce. We will continue to actively hire employees with disabilities. In addition, expecting older employees to continue to display their abilities even after reaching the mandatory retirement age of 60 and take on the role of passing on high-level skills and techniques to the next generation, we established a system to extend the employment of such employees until they reach age 65 in 2006 to extend the employment of older employees. In principle, this re-employment program is now open to all employees who wish to continue working.

Employee Awareness Survey (TEAM )

NuFlare Technology conducts employee awareness surveys (TEAM surveys) to measure employees’ understanding of corporate strategies and policies as well as employee satisfaction. The result of the surveys are disclosed widely within the company.

Work-style Innovation

NuFlare Technology takes part in “work-style innovation” (WSI), a campaign that Toshiba Group Companies run as part of their efforts to promote work-life balance. In order to create an environment for WSI, we reduced daily work hours by 15 minutes to 7 hours and 45 minutes from April 1, 2017. The aim of the WSI is to create a positive spiral, where employees work very hard and efficiently to increase productivity and also make the most of their private lives to rejuvenate and improve themselves so that they can add higher value to their work.

Support for Diverse Work-Styles

NuFlare Technology has introduced various measures to promote more flexible, more autonomous styles of working for employees, reflecting the diverse values and lifestyles of individual employees, such as the short-time shift system, flextime system, half-day/hours off system, bullet train commuting system, etc. In addition, every Wednesday is designated as “WSI Day,” on which employees are encouraged to leave the office at normal quitting time.

Holiday Saving System

NuFlare Technology has introduced a system that allows employees to accumulate a maximum of 20 days off, so that they can make effective use of their annual paid holidays for their personal sick leaves, nursing care of their spouses, children, their own parents (or grandparents), or parents (or grandparents) of their spouses, participation in personal development or awareness-building activities, volunteer activities after disasters, etc., or for other purposes.