Communication with Stakeholders

Communication with Stakeholders

NuFlare Technology,Inc.(“NuFlare Technology”) places great importance on communication with stakeholders, whose opinions and requests are shared by all related parties, including our top management, to be put to effective use in its business activities.

Communication with Customers

NuFlare Technology deepens communication with customers through our daily sales activities, technological exchanges, individual meetings, product maintenance services, and the like. Opinions and requests that we have received from customers are shared by all related parties, including the top management, to be put to effective use in further improving the quality of our products and services.

Communication with Shareholders and Investors

NuFlare Technology discloses information to shareholders and investors by the timely posting of financial information, IR documents and more on our investors relations website. Furthermore, we deepen communication with shareholders and investors by holding a general shareholders meeting and financial results briefing session every year.

Supply Chain with Business Partners

NuFlare Technology deepens communication with business partners by holding company information sessions and social gatherings for them each year as a part of Supply Chain Management. We also award the Best Supplier prize to business partners that have offered us particularly extensive support to express our appreciation to them.

A company information session

A Company Information Session

Dialogue with Employees

NuFlare Technology holds a regular labor management meeting between top management and employee representatives, as well as a labor management gathering attended by all directors to strengthen communication with employees. The management and employees exchange views in the labor management meeting so that the views of employees are reflected in improvements in working conditions, various systems, and the workplace environment.

Communication with Society

NuFlare Technology deepens communication with society, and with local communities in particular, through our CSR activities and participation in activities organized by industrial groups.

Neighboring Clean-Up Volunteers

Neighboring Clean-Up Volunteers