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CSR Management

NuFlare Technology stipulates how all its directors and employees should act in the “NuFlare Technology Standards of Conduct,” which was developed to meet the global standards in line with the corporate principles of the company with importance placed on “pursuit of customer satisfaction, compliance, transparency of management, accountability for shareholders and employees, enhancement of corporate value, and communication with society.” To promote corporate social responsibility (CSR) management, the company takes the expectations and concerns of all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, business partners, employees, and local communities, seriously and carries out its business activities in a socially responsible manner.

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In line with its policy of “contributing to the health and sense of security of people, as well as protection of the earth’s resources and the environment, through constantly developing, and supplying to market, safer and more environmentally-friendly products,” NuFlare Technology works to develop accurate understanding of the impacts its business activities, products, and services can have on the environment. It also sets for itself short-, medium- and long-term environmental targets, in addition to its environmental policies, endeavors to produce environmentally friendly products, and promotes manufacturing activities that are efficient economically and in other ways. These measures are taken with the aim of protecting the environment and resources and contributing to the improvement of the earth’s environment.

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Basic commitment (Basic CSR Principles)

Committed to People,Committed to the Future.

At NuFlare Technology, we commit to raising the quality of life for people around the world,ensuring progress that is in harmony with our planet.

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CSR Management Framework

In line with the “NuFlare Technology Corporate Principles” and “NuFlare Technology Standards of Conduct,” the company builds its governance structure and proactively carries out CSR activities through educational activities, compliance promotion activities, environmental activities (Conference on the Global Environment), community activities, and participation in industry organizations, as well as by other means.

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