Customer Satisfaction

Activities for Customer Satisfaction

NuFlare Technology stipulates in its Standards of Conduct that all its directors and employees should practice the basic behavioral principle of working to provide products, systems, and services that satisfy customers, thereby striving to increase customer satisfaction.

Customer-First Policy

NuFlare Technology shall supply products, systems and services that are based on voice of customer and comments and that satisfy customer needs and requirements, and which comply with laws, regulations and contracts.

<< NuFlare Technology Standards of Conduct >>

Basic Policies for Customer-First

  • 1) NuFlare Technology shall supply safe and reliable products, systems, and services.
  • 2)NuFlare Technology shall provide reliable information regarding products and services in an appropriate manner.
  • 3)NuFlare Technology shall respond to requests and consultations from customers in an honest, prompt and appropriate manner.
  • 4)NuFlare Technology shall respect voice of customer and endeavor to develop and improve products and services that satisfy customer needs.
  • 5)NuFlare Technology shall properly collect, use and manage customers' personal data.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

NuFlare Technology periodically conducts customer satisfaction surveys on the products and services it provides. The company also has customer opinions, requests, and the like reported by employees who visit customer offices, factories, etc., to have meetings with customers, provide product maintenance services, and for other purposes. These opinions and requests from customers are analyzed by the relevant departments, shared by all related parties, including the top management, and used for swift proposals of new products, improvement of product quality, and delivery of better services.

Customer Services and Support

<<Product support>>
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment is required to be capable of long-term continuous stable operation. NuFlare Technology has employees visit the factories of customers on a timely basis in accordance with maintenance contracts with them and support the long-term stable operation of its products.

<<Technological Support System>>
NuFlare Technology has a product technology support system in place to respond flexibly to customer needs and caters to a full spectrum of technological requests from customers, from consultations about product purchases to maintenance services.

<<Parts Supply System>>
NuFlare Technology has a special section dedicated to stable supply of service parts in order to allow customers to use its products for long periods of time. The section manages the inventory of service parts and repairs and delivers such parts.

Training using actual equipment, Operational Training, A Lecture

<<Training Center>>
NuFlare Technology has a training center to improve the technological and customer communication skills of employees as part of its efforts to offer maintenance services that satisfy customers. The training center also provides education and training on safety, compliance, information security, etc., to increase customer satisfaction.

Training using actual equipment, Operational Training, A Lecture

Management of Trouble Solution

NuFlare Technology accumulates all information about troubles/problems reported from service sites and maintenance workers in a special database. In addition, information about the operational status of products, progress with repairs, etc. is also added to this database on a daily basis to be shared by all related parties, including the top management. Such information is used to swiftly deal with troubles/problems, report to customers, take measures to prevent troubles/problems from recurring, and for other purposes.

Protection of Customer Information / Customer Personal Information

NuFlare Technology keeps all information about customers under strict control in accordance with the NuFlare Technology Standards of Conduct and non-disclosure agreements concluded with customers.

Support for Customer’s Business Activities

NuFlare Technology provides support for business activities of customers not only through delivery of products and services but also through product roadmap proposals, stable supply of service parts, development of a business continuity plan (BCP), and other measures.

<<Product roadmap proposals>>
NuFlare Technology proposes medium- to long-term product roadmaps to support customers with their business plans. These product roadmaps are designed to reflect the functions that customers look for in products in equipment specifications through close exchange of information with customers.

<<Stable supply of service parts>>
NuFlare Technology endeavors to supply service parts for its products in a stable manner in order to allow customers to use the products for long periods of time.

<<Development of a business continuity plan>>
NuFlare Technology has a business continuity plan (BCP) in place to prevent long-term operational interruptions caused by natural disasters, pandemics, or other factors from disturbing the business continuity of customers.