To Our Shareholders

Shigeki Sugimoto, President
NuFlare Technology supplies products, systems, and services based on customer feedback that meet customer needs and requirements and comply with all laws, regulations, and contracts.

Dear Shareholders:

In recent years, the rapid shift to digital technologies and a networked society has rapidly changed human lifestyles.

It's no exaggeration to declare that these changes are driven almost entirely by technological advances in the area of semiconductor devices.

As a key element of these products, semiconductors have contributed significantly to computer performance; increased storage capacity to allow the storage of large data volumes on minute electric music players; enabled the growing sophistication of digital home appliances; and reduced the energy consumed by all these products.

For more than thirty years, we have continued to develop downscaling technologies based on our electron beam mask writers, which print IC circuit patterns on photomasks (i.e., the quartz plates used as masters to transfer IC circuit patterns to a silicon wafer for semiconductor devices), which play a core role in the lithographic process.

We deliver our products to the world's major leading device manufacturers, mask manufacturers, and foundries.

As a total solutions provider in mask manufacturing, we will continue to introduce mask inspection tools that identify defects in printing patterns. We have also strengthened epitaxial growth systems based on a new concept that allows the growth of thick-film epitaxial layers for applications in the area of discrete semiconductors, including power devices.

Needless to say, we pursue all our business activities as a conscientious member of society. We are committed to fulfilling our social responsibilities as a corporation through strengthened corporate governance, efforts to protect the environment, and other actions that satisfy our social responsibilities and meet compliance standards.

We will continue to pursue company growth to provide leading-edge semiconductor systems and create new value for all our stakeholders, including customers and shareholders, drawing on the enthusiasm, energy, and tireless efforts of all our employees.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Shigeki Sugimoto, President
NuFlare Technology, Inc.