Community Relations

Basic Community Relation Policies

Basic Policies of the NuFlare Technology Group The NuFlare Technology Group Standards of Conduct stipulate basic policies on community relations of the company and basic action guidelines for all directors and employees. Based on the principle of respect for human dignity, NuFlare Technology seeks to create value that contributes to the development of industry foundations and to the improvement of the living and cultural standards of people throughout the world.

Basic Policies on Community Activities

  • NuFlare Technology shall:
  • 1)Contribute to and cooperate with all local communities in which we operate and perform our duties as a member of these communities. We will also cooperate and work with a wide range of stakeholders including NPOs, NGOs, administrative agencies and international agencies.
  • 2)Support directors and employees in undertaking voluntary activities and give full consideration to each individual's desire to exercise his or her civil rights.
  • 3)Make appropriate donations in each country and region where we operate, after considering the contribution to the community, the public nature, and the reasons for making the donations.
  • 4)Try to improve our brand image in all aspects of our relationships with the communities and contribute to and cooperate with all local communities and perform our duties as a member of these communities.

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Action Guidelines for Directors and Employees in Community Activities

  • Directors and employees of NuFlare Technology shall:
  • 1) Assure that NuFlare Technology undertake all activities in harmony with the community, by respecting the local culture and community traditions and customs.
  • 2) Actively participate in developing communication with the local community, to encourage and maintain mutual respect and understanding.
  • 3) Actively participate in community activities and voluntary activities.
  • 4) Pay due consideration on a daily basis to environmental issues, including global warming, and actively participate in environmental activities of local communities.
  • 5) Maintain integrity and common sense in all aspects of their relationships with these communities.

On-Site Training for New Employees

    As part of the training program for new employees of Toshiba Group, new employees of NuFlare Technology take part in activities such as fishing and clearing undergrowth each year. They volunteer in the making of oyster rafts and clearing of undergrowth in Miyagi prefecture as part of the on-site training to learn about community activities.

    Making oyster rafts

    Making oyster rafts

    Clearing undergrowth

    Clearing undergrowth

    Local Community Activities

    NuFlare Technology proactively takes part in local community activities, such as cleanup activities around the office, donations to volunteer groups and volunteer activities in areas where the employees reside. Between 2016 and 2017, NuFlare Technology participated in the Mount Fuji cleanup and tree-planting volunteer project, donated picture books and stamps to libraries and volunteer groups, and held cleanup activities around the office. Participation in the cleanup and tree-planting volunteer activity was part of a Mt. Fuji conservation project. Donation of picture books and stamps to libraries and volunteer groups

    Mt. Fuji conservation project
    Mt. Fuji conservation project

    Mt. Fuji conservation project

    Mt. Fuji conservation project

    cleanup activities around the office
    cleanup activities

    picture books and stamps

    Donation of picture books and stamps to libraries and volunteer groups

    Participation in Industrial Organizations

    NuFlare Technology plays active roles in the semiconductor industry as a member of the Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan (SEAJ) and the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI)

    Citizen-judge Leave System

    NuFlare Technology has introduced a “citizen-judge leave” system to help employees serve as citizen judges. Regular employees of the company who appear in court in accordance with the Act on Criminal Trials with Participation of Saiban-in are entitled to use this leave system. Under this system, employees may receive their daily base pay rate for each day upon which they appear in court.