Disclosure of IR Information

Disclosure of IR information

NuFlare Technology discloses corporate information, such as its management policies and financial data, in an appropriate and timely manner and in accordance with the NuFlare Technology Standards of Conduct, in order to gain accurate understanding and trust from stakeholders, including customers and shareholders.

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Basic Policies on IR Information Disclosure

  • 1) NuFlare Technology shall endeavor to obtain the understanding of stakeholders, including customers, shareholders and the local community, in respect of corporate activities, products and services, and further improve public recognition of NuFlare Technology and its corporate image by means of positive and timely corporate communications activities on business information, such as corporate strategy and financial data.
  • 2) NuFlare Technology shall conduct corporate communications by appropriate means, to enable customers, shareholders, potential investors and the members of the community of each country or region to obtain a reasonable understanding of NuFlare Technology's activities. The company shall respect the rights of customers and third parties while ensuring compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and contracts.
  • 3) NuFlare Technology shall obtain prior consent from the persons responsible for corporate communications before disclosing business information to analysts and to the media, including newspapers, magazines and television stations.

Note: Herein, “business information” includes any information regarding actions, or activities which may raise the suspicion of such actions, prohibited by these Standards of Conduct (hereinafter called “Risk Compliance Information”).

IR Award Received

Our website was selected as one of the top 100 corporate websites in FY2015 from those of all listed companies in Japanese new markets by Nikko Investor Relations Co., Ltd.

We are trying to make our website easy to use and understand for its visitors.
We will continue to improve the quality of the information we disclose.

AS ONE OF THE Top 100 Corporate Websites 2015 Nikko Investor Relations Co.,Ltd. Ranking in all listed companies in Japanese new markets