Environmental Activities

Based on one of our basic commitment: “As good corporate citizens, we actively contribute to further the goals of society, including ways to improve the environment and resources.”, we consider the impacts of our business activities, products, and services on the environment, and establish Environmental Philosophy to conserve the environment and resources and to realize a better environment. And we strive to create eco-friendly products, and promote economic and effective production activities.

Continuous Improvement of Environmental Conservation Activities

  • 1) We establish environmental objectives and goals to reduce environmental impacts, and we carry out its implementation plan.
  • 2) We review our environmental management system through environmental audits and continue to improve the environmental management system.

Development of Environmentally Conscious Products

  • 1) We promote development of products based on energy-saving and resource-saving design, and supply products that consider environmental impact to customers.
  • 2) We promote green procurement of products, parts and materials.

Resource saving, Energy saving and Promotion of Effective Use of Resources

  • 1) To prevent global warming, we make effective use of energy resources such as electricity and fuel through our business process, and we promote to use renewable energy.
  • 2) We reduce and minimize waste emission and promote recycling resources.

Prevention of Environmental Pollution

  • 1) We establish and observe the voluntary environmental standards based on related regulations, agreements, and guidelines required for our company.
  • 2) To prevent air, water and soil pollution, we promote substitution, reduction, and recycling of chemical substances which have high impact on environment, and we strive to reduce chemical waste.

Environmental Education

Environmental education program and enlightenment are provided to all employees to enhance awareness of environment conservation and to boldly promote corporate-wide environmental activities.

Promotion of Environmental Partnership

We disclose and provide environmental information to all stakeholders in a timely fashion, and facilitate communication with government, local residents and customers. And we also make efforts to fulfill our corporate social responsibility (CSR) through environmental conservation activities.

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