Product Safety

Promotion of Product Safety

NuFlare Technology products, systems and services put customer safety first. The company stipulates, in the NuFlare Technology Group Standards of Conduct, that all its directors and employees should practice the basic behavioral principle of assuring the safety of products by observing relevant laws and regulations and contracts related to manufacturing, technological and quality management, and fulfilling their quality assurance responsibilities from the customer’s point of view.

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Basic Policies

1) NuFlare Technology shall observe both Japanese and overseas laws and regulations related to product safety.
2) NuFlare Technology shall collect, and proactively disclose, a wide range of information about product accidents.
3) NuFlare Technology shall immediately report any product accident to the authorities concerned in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
4) If a serious accident should be caused by one of its products, NuFlare Technology shall immediately report the matter in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
5) NuFlare Technology shall appropriately raise caution and display warnings when deemed necessary in order to help people use its products in a safe manner.
6) If an accident should occur, NuFlare Technology shall carry out a thorough analysis of the causes and take necessary measures to prevent it from recurring.

Ensuring Product Safety

NuFlare Technology performs safety tests against international standards to determine electrical safety of industrial machinery (IEC/EN60204-1, etc.), safety of electromagnetic compatibility (IEC/EN61000, etc.), and the like, and it has obtained third-party certification to put CE marking on its products. In addition, the company designs and manufactures products in compliance with the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) Standards and holds third-party safety certification in connection with design-related safety guidelines, such as SEMI S2 and S22, and ergonomic safety guidelines, most notably S8.

Prevention of Serious Accidents

As of the end of March 2018, we have no serious accident occurrences (loss of life, severe injury, permanent damage, or fire) to report.

NuFlare Technology conducts safety design reviews (DRs) and risk assessments reflecting the most recent laws and regulations at the product development and design stages. The company also carries out risk assessments on an as-needed basis at the manufacturing and inspection stages to ensure product safety.

Prompt Responses to Serious Accidents

When an employee is informed about a serious accident caused by a NuFlare Technology product on the market, he or she shall immediately report it to the contact person of each department. If the accident is recognized as a PL or CL accident, the employee is also required to consult the PL/CL Committee,*1 which is chaired by the Chief Quality Officer, to discuss what should be done to address the problem. The essential processes that shall take place when the serious product accident is judged to be of recurrent nature are: “swiftly informing customers of the danger to get them to stop using it,” “immediately reporting it to the authorities concerned,” and “preparing for implementation of necessary measures as soon as possible.” The company also has in place an information system that allows maintenance workers to quickly communicate to the quality assurance sector and the Chief Quality Officer product accident information obtained through their frontline work and responses thereto, so that information about accidents can be collected swiftly.

Prompt Responses to Serious  Accidents

*1: PL/CL Committee: A committee on product liability (PL) and contract liability (CL). The role of the PL/CL Committee, which is chaired by a Director in charge of quality assurance, is to swiftly make decisions on what should be done about specific product accidents and quality problems.

In the event of a serious product or service defect, or a serious accident caused by use of such product or service, NuFlare Technology will immediately report the same to the authorities concerned and disclose information to urge caution among customers.