CSR Reporting Policy

CSR Reporting Policy

The vision of NuFlare Technology entails contributing to the development and prosperity of semiconductor companies, society, and humanity through its leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing equipment. With this vision in mind, the company works on a wide range of CSR activities with the aim of being a company that is accurately understood and trusted by stakeholders. Among them are activities to which society pays particular attention and that NuFlare Technology regards as important, about which the company sincerely reports.

CSR Organization

NuFlare Technology holds a meeting of the CSR Committee, which consists of representatives of the relevant departments with the president acting as the chairman, every six months to deliberate and determine the action policy. Each CSR Promotion Committee formulates, implements and manages progress of its action plan in accordance with the action policy.

CSR organization

CSR Organization

Reporting Organization

NuFlare Technology, Inc.

Reporting Period

Reporting mainly relates to activities that took place from April 2017 through the end of March 2018, as well as some activities conducted earlier and the latest activities.

Release Schedule of Reporting

June to July every year

Significant Changes during the Reporting Period

The headquarters of NuFlare Technology were relocated to Isogo-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Reference Guidelines

We have referred to the following guidelines, etc., in developing our CSR report:

  • - Sustainability Reporting Guidelines Version 3.1 (G3)
  • - ISO26000:2010
  • - UN Global Compact
  • - EICC Code of Conduct Version 4.0

Reporting Style

NuFlare Technology publishes its CSR reports on its website in a timely manner. Its CSR reports are not available in paper format.

Protection of Personal Information

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