Protection of Personal Information / Intellectual Property

Protection of Personal Information

NuFlare Technology,Inc.(“NuFlare Technology”) has established personal information protection rules for appropriate management of personal information that we obtain in the course of our business activities. We also provides all its directors and employees with training on the protection of personal information at regular intervals.

Basic Policies for the Protection of Personal Information

  • NuFlare Technology shall:
  • 1) Protect any personal data, in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and company rules, including observance of lawful and appropriate procedures for obtaining and maintaining personal data, and use personal data only for appropriate purposes.
  • 2) Recognize the value of information as an asset and endeavor to protect information on third parties obtained through marketing and sales.

<< NuFlare Technology Standards of Conduct >>

Personal Information Protection System

As a countermeasure for any eventuality related to personal information, NuFlare Technology has put in place a system for swift responses. In the event a leakage of personal information or a situation that poses the risk of leakage occurs, the Implementation Managers of the relevant departments communicate and report to the IT Promotion Department and General Affairs Department. Following receipt of the report, the responsible departments, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, consult with the person in charge of legal affairs and collect information, make appropriate responses, and develop and implement measures aimed at preventing similar incidents from occurring in the future through holding a special Risk Management Committee meeting and by other means.

The Director in charge of general affairs acts as the Personal Information Protection Manager, who is given full control over the personal information protection management and maintenance system of the company. A secretariat made up of the Management Planning, Marketing, General Affairs, Accounting, Sales, and Manufacturing Departments has been set up under the Personal Information Protection Manager to provide assistance to the Manager.

Checks, Audits, and Education of Personal Information Protection

NuFlare Technology performs self-audits against a checklist for information security and personal data protection that is based upon the requirements of the Toshiba Group, develops plans for improvement, and implements them.
The Internal Audit Office performs audits on individual departments concerning their systems and the operational status of such systems based on the personal information protection rules.
With a view to promoting the protection of personal information, the company provides various education programs, such as education based on the needs of different organizational levels and job functions (including those of new employees). It also provides all of its directors, regular employees, and temporary employees with education in this area at regular intervals.

Protection of Customer Information/Customer Personal Information

NuFlare Technology keeps all customer information/customer personal information (names, telephone numbers, mail addresses, and all other kinds of personal information) under appropriate control, in accordance with its personal information protection rules and non-disclosure agreements concluded with individual customers. When the company provides maintenance services in factories of customers, it will observe the information security rules set by such customers.

Incidents related to Personal Information

As of the end of March 2018, NuFlare Technology has no occurrences of personal information leaks to report. The company will continue to do its utmost to appropriately manage information in order to prevent any incidents related to personal information protection from occurring.

Protection of Intellectual Property

NuFlare Technology’s basic principles on the protection of intellectual property are “to observe laws and regulations associated with intellectual property rights,” “to protect the results of intellectual activities with the rights and to make extensive use of those rights,” and “to respect the legitimate intellectual property rights of third parties.” These principles are stipulated in the NuFlare Technology Standards of Conduct.

Basic Policies

  • 1) NuFlare Technology shall observe laws and regulations associated with patent law, copyright law and other intellectual property rights laws.
  • 2) NuFlare Technology shall protect the results of intellectual activities with intellectual property rights, make extensive use of those rights, and respect the legitimate intellectual property rights of third parties.

<< NuFlare Technology Standards of Conduct >>

Intellectual Property Management Framework

At NuFlare Technology, the Intellectual Property Group in the Management Planning Department is in charge of the protection of intellectual property rights, as well as management, promotion, and education in this area.

Intellectual Property Protection Checks and Audits

In the course of business, we are likely to be at risk of infringing the intellectual property rights of third parties or facing lawsuits for violating their patents. To reduce or eliminate such risk, NuFlare Technology investigates third-party patents and other intellectual property rights related to its business in advance before developing new businesses and implements the necessary measures to avoid any infringement of third-party rights.

Also, in order to prevent the unauthorized use of copyrighted software, the company has established an internal system for appropriate software management, including a set of company rules, and keeps use of software under control via this system.

Intellectual Property Protection Education

With the widespread use of the Internet, opportunities to browse through third-party copyrighted works have been increasing, enabling anybody to easily copy others’ works such as computer software. Under these circumstances, there is an increasing need to prevent unauthorized use of copyrighted works. In view of this, NuFlare Technology sticks to compliance with relevant laws and regulations, has established basic copyright rules to secure and maintain the copyrights of the company group while respecting those of third parties, and provides all its directors and employees with intellectual property protection education at regular intervals.

Disputes, etc.

As of the end of March 2018, there are no matters related to intellectual property rights that correspond to disputes or operational risks required to be recorded in the annual securities report.