Basic Commitment

Basic Commitment of NuFlare Technology

We, Nuflare Technology, based on respect for human values, are determined to help create a higher quality and continue to progress in lives and cultures of the world.

1.Commitment to People

We endeavor to serve the needs of all people, especially our customers, shareholders and employees, by carrying out responsible and respective business activities.

2.Commitment to the Future

By continually developing innovative technologies certering on the field of mechanics, electronics and systems, we contribute to create foundations of industries, strive to create a highly quality society.

3.Commitment to the Society

As good corporate citizens, we actively cotribute to further the goals of society, including ways to improve the environment and resources.

Ethical Guidelines

In keeping with one of NuFlare Technology's basic objectives, and management awareness, we established a set of Action Guidelines for our business activities. Today, more than ever before, it is vital for corporations to bear in mind the expectations and interests of all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, employees, and the local community when carrying out their business activities.

By going one step further and actively emphasizing solidarity and cooperation with the community, we will fulfill our responsibilities as a member of the regions where we do business.

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